What exactly do you do?

Quture Media provides photography and design services. Specific list of services can be found here. We love to assist and consult small businesses in building and improving their brands!

I have a business idea and have no idea where to start! Help

No problem! Message us to set up a consultation and we can best advise you on how to get started!

I have an old logo/website/brand I’d like to revamp. Can you help me?

Of course. We can discuss what you would like to see change and go from there!

I need a t-shirt design. Do you make those?

We do. Just message us for a design quote! We also have preferred vendors if you’re not sure where to print your design!

I need some signs/business cards/flyers printed for my brand. Do you print these things?

We do! Check out 502print.com for a complete list of things we can print for you.

I need consistent design work done for my business! Is there any way to get a bundle deal?

Yep. If you’re interested, we offer a monthly retainer service for those looking to streamline their design needs. For a set monthly fee, we’ll make your business top priority and offer a set amount of graphics at a discounted price.

Do you travel for photography services?

Yes! Shoot us a message to inquire about additional travel costs.

Do you shoot engagement or wedding photos?

It’s our speciality! Shoot us a message to book your big day.

What is your turnaround time/pricing?

Every job is different but we pride ourselves on being transparent and quick! Just inquire with your needs and we’ll get you a fair quote with a realistic timeline.